Welcome to Christ the King!

You have found us!

     Here just off US 41 south of Phillipi Creek sits a modest chapel, formerly Anglican but renovated, which has been set aside and dedicated personally by the Most Reverend Frank J. Dewane, Bishop of the Diocese of Venice, to the celebration of the Sacraments according to the Traditional Rites of the Roman Catholic Church.

Within those church walls one can find a small flame flickering in the Sanctuary Lamp, perched high above the Tabernacle of the High Altar.  This “same flame” has passed on through many generations, many of whom long despaired that it may die out...!  But now, thanks be to God, your children, Altar Boys, and families young and old can again pass before Our Lord, genuflecting in acknowledgment of God's Presence, knowing that this is His House.  And while we are but temporary dwellers in the House of God and do not deserve to be housed under his roof, we come in need of the fountain of graces from the Sacraments.

Our community started as a small group, families of all ages and backgrounds, some years ago.  A few have already gone to God, and changes have occurred along the way.  But the dreams, traditions and legacies of those who have gone before us are valued and perpetuated at Christ the King Chapel.   For all of us it is truly a dream come true...

In the struggle against the prevailing and damaging secular trends of our culture, our new  Christ the King Chapel community stands as a liturgical bastion and rampart of Holy Mother Church.

We hope that you and others will become part of the growing and forever young community of Catholic believers ---where the old has become new and young again!. 


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